This is my catalogue of things I will regularly make to put on Pugs. More things are being worked on to add to this list!

You can view my Pugs shop here!

Mystery Oshies

Regular looking purebred oshies, except with randomized personalities. They will all be braver than normal oshies and some may come with interesting traits like high finickiness or persian floppiness. I sell these for very cheap. They will all be second gen. Some may also be smaller or larger than a normal oshie.

Fancy Eye Petz

This is the thing I put up for sale the most. I range the price from fairly cheap to expensive depending on how pretty the pet looks. I might sometimes do commissions for custom fancy eyes. Fancy eyes aren't mobile like normal petz eyes, fancy eyed pets have to move their heads to look at something the same way an owl does. Eye sparklies also have a cool effect. They will sometimes shrink or disappear as the pet looks away, so they somewhat look like real light glares.