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Site updates:
  • Added three genetically modified breeds to my breeds page
  • New tutorial on editing breed personality!
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Site updates:

Future Goals

I would like to share the things I've been working on lately that I plan to put up sooner or later.

The thing I think could be most useful out of my ideas is sound swapping techniques. I have a tutorial planned for the lab that could hopefully make playing with petz sounds a bit easier. I will also have some sound-swapped breed files up for download as hexing bases. I think these could be useful because they allow for more personality customization. Take my Funky Cats from the breeds page for example. I was able to give them extra customization by swapping out their sounds so they can have personality traits from both the calico and persian.

I am also planning a tutorial on baby LNZ. Somwhere on the fox page I stated that I made it so my foxes can only be bred but not adopted. It's possible to use this to do the opposite, if you want to make a species that can be adopted but not bred. You can also change the way any breed's offspring looks, like how poodle puppies never look the same as the adoption center poodles.

Finally, if you are interested in PUGS grab bags, I am working on these cute little hammos. I will try to make the grab bags relatively cheap so everyone can have some! The grab bags will be a mix of the syrian and dwarf species, and will have many different color variations. Some of the syrians will also be the long-haired breed. All the hamsters will have a chance of inheriting a few different personality traits that I thought would cute for hamsters!

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Hello everybody!

This is my first blog post! This will be where I write about anything I want, but also post site updates. Things I'm thinking about putting here are my art and pictures of other projects I am working on. Maybe some petzpix!

Site updates:
  • Blog created (duh)
  • Few visual changes