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Here are direct downloads to all my lab experiments. You can read about some of these freaky petz at The Lab.

They are all from Petz 4, though some may work in Petz 3.

Baby the Tantrum-Throwing Oshie

Purebred oshie that trembles AND freaks out. Click here to download Baby!


Has no eyelids or sound. Enjoys wandering endlessly while being unresponsive to everything in the room. Click here to download Snooball!


Acts just like Snooball, but will also stand in one spot for long periods of time doing nothing. Click here to download Sasa!

The Cat Puppy Family

A cute kitty couple with their three biological puppies. Click here to download the cat puppy family!

The Dog Kitten Family

Two dog parents and their little cat son. Click here to download the dog kitten family!


Magic teleporting cat. Please download her at your own risk, she is very busted. Click here to download Tab!


Normally crashes the game, so you will be lucky to play with him. Also, play with him at your own risk. Click here to download LuckyCat!