If you wanna breed genetically-modified petz foxes, you've come to the right place!

This was a very difficult species to make and it still needs some updates in a few places, but I am able to put up what I have now!

I may eventually update the sound file to sound nicer, and I will soon put up better breeding files because any future breeding files I put up should work with the foxes I currently have here.

I will also periodically make more foxes to add to the breeding kennel, some possibly with more unique personality traits to add to the gene pool!

Breeding Fox Kennel

Fox Breed Files

Fox Sound File


Required Traits for a Fox to be "Legit"

This is a breeding project to create a unique species as close to fox-like as possible. There will only be a few rules to make a fox legit:
Some desired but unrequired traits may be:
In the future I will have foxes with more unique traits so y'all can breed the traits you want!

Fox Info!

To create the gen1 breeding foxes I used a mixture of methods I talked about in the lab. These included file swapping and gene editing. Foxes are dogs transformed into siamese cats which are then gene-edited for more desired traits.

The breeding file is actually the Alley Cat file swapped to replace the Siamese file. The reason for this is so I could create a mechanism that prevents people from adopting foxes from the adoption center. I did this because any foxes you get from the adoption center will not have the desired foxy traits, and I did not want those getting mixed into the gene pool. I may eventually put a tutorial of what I did in the lab :)

As of now, the sound file uses in-game sounds only. For that reason only a sound file is required to make the fox sounds work and no wavs.